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BBQ Corn Nuts

These crunchy and crisp corn nuts are a wonderful balance between salty and sweet BBQ. They make for a great snack.



These roasted salted cashews our one of our favorites. You can put them in just about anything or eat then plain. Priced per pound.


Chili Lemon Corn Nuts

These hot and tangy corn nuts will leave you addicted and wanting more. Don’t be fooled by there color they really will get you hooked.


Hickory Smoked Almonds

Dusted with hickory flavor right after roasting to bring a delicious taste for a quick snack. Price per pound.


Honey Roasted Almonds

These sweet flavored almonds are great in summer salads. They are also great for a healthier snack. Priced per pound.


Orange Honey Almonds

These crunchy, sweet almonds are unique in there taste and you will be sure to taste all of the bold flavors in this light snack. Price per pound.



Low calories and very high in protein and potassium, these roasted and salted pistachios are the perfect kind of snack. Priced per lb.


Raspberry Honey Almonds

If you are a fan of raspberry you will be sure to love these sweet almonds. Great for snacks. Priced per pound.


Raw Almonds

Delicious and healthy fresh almonds. Priced per lb.


Roasted Almonds

Deliciously dry roasted almonds with no salt. Great for many baking recipes. Priced per pound.