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Apple Chips

Crisp and sweet these chips taste just apples. Now you can take apples with you with out the mess! Priced per half pound.


Banana Chips

These sweetened banana chips are the staffs favorite snack. Try these and they will be your favorite too. Priced per half pound.


Fruit chips

A great variety of flavors to try if you love fruit chips.Try our collection of banana, pineapple, melon, and peach chips. Oh so yummy. Priced per half pound.


Okra Chips

Chips that look just like the vegetable! Sure to surprise you by how much these taste like okra. For all those looking for something new a crisp to try. Price per half pound.


Vegetable Chips

A delicious way to try different vegetable chips. Includes beets, green beans, carrots, zucchinis, and sweet potatoes! So many flavors you’ll be sure to enjoy. Priced per half pound.