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Apple Chips

Crisp and sweet these chips taste just apples. Now you can take apples with you with out the mess! Priced per half pound.


Banana Chips

These sweetened banana chips are the staffs favorite snack. Try these and they will be your favorite too. Priced per half pound.


BBQ Corn Nuts

These crunchy and crisp corn nuts are a wonderful balance between salty and sweet BBQ. They make for a great snack.


Cajun Oriental Mix w/ Peanuts

A hot crunch great for snacking. A mixture of cajun sesame sticks, spicy rice crackers, and peanuts. Peanuts really help cool of the heat without constant need of a beverage. Priced per pound.


Cashew Butter

A sweet smooth butter made from cashews. Made in California. Available in 8 oz jars.


Cashews Roasted & Salted

These roasted salted cashews our one of our favorites. You can put them in just about anything or eat then plain. Priced per pound.


Chili Lemon Corn Nuts

These hot and tangy corn nuts will leave you addicted and wanting more. Don’t be fooled by there color they really will get you hooked.


Date Medjools

Not the most appealing dried fruits, but don’t get scared off these are delectable treats. Grown in California. Priced per lb.


Dried Apricots

These Dried California Apricots halves are not just brilliant in color, but in taste too. Try these delicious morsels in yogurt, cereal or just for a snack. All grown locally here in California. Priced per lb.


Dried Cranberries

Delicious snacks that provide energy for your day and support a healthy life style. Also great for baking recipes. Priced per lb.


Dried Diced Papaya

Just as distinctive as dried papaya but diced into smaller pieces for easier use for adding to cereal, yogurt or for recipes. Priced per lb.


Dried Diced Pineapple

Much like dried pineapple but has been diced into smaller enjoyable pieces. Diced for simple snacking. Priced per lb.


Dried Fancy Peaches

One bite of these dried peaches will introduce you to a moist, sweet, and delicious treat. Grown in California. Priced per lb.


Dried Fancy Pears

These dried pears taste just like you are biting into one. Now you can enjoy them all year round. Grown in California. Priced per lb.


Dried Kiwi Slices

Sweet sweet kiwi. Dried Kiwis are great for a grab and go kind of snack. Pack them with you on a picnic or take them hiking. Take them with you and enjoy your green treat. Priced per lb.