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Dried Mango

These mangos give you a taste of tropical flavor anytime of the year. They are also a great healthy snack. Priced per lb.


Dried Pango

Pango is a pineapple fruit with mango flavoring. Simply an addictive dried fruit. Even if you aren’t a dried fruit lover this may change your mind. Price per pound.


Dried Prunes

Delicious prunes with the pit. These fruits are a savory sweetness you won’t want to miss. Grown in California. Priced per lb.


Dried Strawberries

These dried strawberry pieces are so sweet that they will leave you wanting more. Great for a sweet tooth. Grown in California. Priced per lb.


Dried Turkish Apricots

Don’t let these lighter color apricots fool you. They are packed full of sweetness and are great for your health. Grown in California. Priced per lb.


Flame Raisins

Our flames raisins and wonderfully sweet and scrumptious. Everyone will be sure to enjoy them. They also are great for many of our favorite recipes. Grown in California. Priced per lb.


Fruit chips

A great variety of flavors to try if you love fruit chips.Try our collection of banana, pineapple, melon, and peach chips. Oh so yummy. Priced per half pound.


Golden Raisins

These golden raisins have a sweeter taste then there sister raisins, the flame raisins. They are many peoples favorite. Grown in California. Priced per lb.


Hickory Smoked Almonds

Dusted with hickory flavor right after roasting to bring a delicious taste for a quick snack. Price per pound.


Honey Roasted Almonds

These sweet flavored almonds are great in summer salads. They are also great for a healthier snack. Priced per pound.


In Shell Peanuts

Regular in-shell peanuts that are roasted but not salted. Another great choice for snacking! Priced per lb.


Mission Figs

These mission figs have a mild sweet favor and have simply classic taste. Priced per lb.


Mixed Nuts Roasted & Salted

A wonderful mixture of nuts! Contains cashews, pecans, almonds, brazil nuts, filberts. Priced per lb.


Oil Roasted & Salted Almonds

Marvelously roasted almonds in oil give a great taste for any almond lover. Priced per pound.


Okra Chips

Chips that look just like the vegetable! Sure to surprise you by how much these taste like okra. For all those looking for something new a crisp to try. Price per half pound.


Orange Honey Almonds

These crunchy, sweet almonds are unique in there taste and you will be sure to taste all of the bold flavors in this light snack. Price per pound.