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Pecan Halves Raw

These delicious raw pecan halves are high in fiber and perfect for salads or for baking with. Priced per lb.


Pistachios Roasted & Salted

Low calories and very high in protein and potassium, these roasted and salted pistachios are the perfect kind of snack. Priced per lb.


Pitted Bing Cherries

Originating in the Pacific Northwest, these Bing cherries have been dried to give you the sweet summer taste all year round. Grown in California. Priced per lb.


Pitted Red Tart Cherries

These type of dried cherries are great for baking recipes such as cookies or bread. They are even good to munch on between meals. Grown in California. Priced per lb.


Raspberry Honey Almonds

If you are a fan of raspberry you will be sure to love these sweet almonds. Great for snacks. Priced per pound.


Raw Almonds

Delicious and healthy fresh almonds. Priced per lb.


Raw Spanish Peanuts

Raw spanish peanuts are wonderful for making peanut brittle or just snacking! Priced per lb.


Rice Cracker Mix

Truly a surprise! Will you bite into a spicy rice cracker? A sweet cracker? A salty seaweed cracker? What does the swirly cracker taste like? A very addictive crunchy snack. Give it a try. Price per pound.


Roasted Almonds

Deliciously dry roasted almonds with no salt. Great for many baking recipes. Priced per pound.


Roasted Peanuts

Regular out of shell peanuts. Crack them open and throw them into an ice cream sundae or just grab a few to eat! Priced per lb.


Roasted Salted Almonds

This delicious snack is high in protein, calcium and iron. Roasted and salted to absolute perfection. Priced per lb.


Roasted Salted Corn Nuts

Simple corn nuts for all the salty corn nut fans out there. A great crunch that won’t leave your teeth hurting, but will leave them wanting more.


Sesame Sticks

Really a great topper for any salad. These are a great snack with just the right amount of salt. Price per pound.


Slivered Blanched Almonds

Slivered almonds without the skin. Priced per pound.


Spicy Mango

Very similar to our dried mango, but it has a twist. This is dried with a chili lemon blend to give you a different kick to your mango. If you love mango you should try it. Priced per lb.


Vegetable Chips

A delicious way to try different vegetable chips. Includes beets, green beans, carrots, zucchinis, and sweet potatoes! So many flavors you’ll be sure to enjoy. Priced per half pound.